Principally with this appeal we hope with your contributions to address two areas of Guy’s Cliffe.
The first is at the foot of the buildings aside the river Avon and is known as The Lower Walks, the second is an upper cliff area that has lost its walkway and where it is said Felice the wife of Guy of Warwick strode back in the 10th Century, therefore this area is known as Fair Felice’s Walk in her honour.
The Lower Walk area is itself a Site of Special Scientific Interest resplendent with the rise of the cliff along its length, laying bare its alluring, ancient geological features.
It is an area we hope you agree needs to find its former glory and be given regular access to. We have, with the help of Natural England, begun to address the issue of restoring this unique spot, much of the invasive Japanese Bamboo has already been cleared, a small footpath has been put in and the doors of the pump house re-instated.
Bigger hurdles now face us though; we need to clear the large debris piles, grade and plant out the land and, hopefully, install a large cliff-side ramp to meet Fair Felice’s Walk and thus afford access for all visitors and machinery relating to ongoing maintenance.
By doing this another aspect of Guy’s Cliffe will return to be enjoyed by many and as part of the hire of the site as a whole it may go on to contribute towards the future restoration of even the great house itself, but importantly we will have righted one wrong from a disregarding past’s many blunders.
It’s ambitious, we know, and beyond our own means financially, but with the success of this appeal we can show that you, the public, want and can buck the often bureaucratic and frustrating lack of monetary help for such matters and that truly with your means we can cement a worthy aspect of history and myth back into its rightful place.

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In anticipation of whatever you can give towards this appeal we thank you so much for your contribution!